About Animation Volda 2017

The festival will be held in Volda, Norway on the 14. – 17. September 2017

This  year will be the 11th annual Animation Volda festival. The focus of this year’s festival is to look closer at feministic aspect of the animation industry. With this in mind we want to highlight some of the best that animation has to offer, from both students and professionals. Animation Volda has a long tradition both locally and internationally as a place to meet and share experiences and joy of the medium, and this is a tradition we want to keep going.


During the festival we will host:

  • The pre-selection for the Fredrikstad Animation Festival for Nordic-Baltic films.
  • Lectures and seminars with some of the most influential people in both national and international animation.
  • Animation Workshop for children.
  • Meet and greets with animators, directors, producers and educators working within the industry today.
  • Celebrations and events surronding this years theme.
  • And much, much more.


Be sure to stop by Volda in september, and join us in the festivities.