Frequently asked questions about Animation Volda:


 Q: Where can I find an ATM?

A: Sparebank1 Volda Ørsta, Gymnasvegen 2

Nordea, Halkjersgata 1

Sparebanken Møre, Industrigata 14


Q: Where can I buy tickets?

A: We will be selling tickets 3 days prior to the festival at Berte Kanutte (Høgskulen i Volda), and continuously during the weekend outside the cinema.


Q: Where can I stay? 

A:  In Volda there is both a hotel and a camping. The camping is much cheaper and has a very high standard as there actually is a lot of students living there the year around!

The Volda Turisthotel is also an option, but is usually full during the festival. We can also recommend contacting SfS, studentskipnaden I Volda. They probably rent at the cheapest price and is also close to the centre of town. These rooms are normally used for students year round, but they normally have a couple rooms available!

If not, it’s also possible to rent in Ørsta as they also has a bigger hotel and camping, but then you have to be aware of the bus schedule.


Q: How do I travel to Volda?

A: If you are close to Volda, bus is probably the best option. We’d recommend checking out Nettbuss. If you live far away, or is travelling from abroad, flight will be better. You can either travel to Hovden (Ørsta/Volda) which is about 10 minutes by bus from the town centre (Timetables). You can also grab a cab (Ørsta Taxi: tlf. 70 06 70 00, Volda Taxi: tlf. 70 07 89 00) which is about 200 kr. to the town centre. If you are flying to Ålesund (Vigra) the town centre is about 1,5 hours by bus.


Q: How do I submit my movie?

A: AnimationVolda is the pre-selection for the Fredrikstad Animation Festival, the biggest animation festival in Norway.
In other words, you send your films to Faf, and then we will screen them in the student program here at the AnimationVolda!


Q: How do I volunteer? 

A: AnimationVolda would not exist if not for the wonderful job by our awesome volunteers.

At the beginning of the semester we will put up a stand with a volunteer recruit list at Berte-Kanutte (Høgskulen i Volda).

You can also send us a mail at leder.animationvolda@gmail.com
We hope to see you!


If there is anything else on your mind, pop us a question at our Facebook-page or by e-mail at leder.animationvolda@gmail.com.