AnimationVolda was founded February 5th 2007 by innovative professors Gunnar Strøm, Joakim Pedersen and Andres Mand together with animation students Ida Westvang and Sylvia B. Clausen at Volda University College. From the beginning the festival has collaborated closely with Fredrikstad Animation Festival, the leading Nordic-Baltic animation festival.

AnimationVolda focus on student films. International juries select the best Nordic-baltic films to compete for the Golden Gunnar in Fredrikstad. Distinguished international guests come to Volda each year to present their films, to lecture and socialize. Innovative seminars have been arranged on subjects like “Why Do I Need a Producer?”, Japanese animation and the atomic bomb, and Animation and the Cold War (ASIFA 50 years). Since 2010 a special focus has been given to industrial animation films. A yearly seminar and a Nordic/Baltic competition for best industrial animation film is arranged. The money prize for best film is given by a professional jury and sponsored by the local maritime industry.

The festival has developed to become an important forum for Nordic animators and animation students, and is growing to become an international animated film destination.