Another day of Animation Volda, another day filled with both fun and educational content! The day’s first lecture was given by Dr. Samatha Moore, an independant animator from England. She spoke passionately about her career and how she┬┤s ended up where she is today. How her personal life has affected her work and vice versa.

After lunch it was time for the days second lecturer, Andreas Paleologos. The swede showed us how he works and some of techniques he uses. He also spoke enthusiastically about making his own music for his movies and that more animators should do the same. Paleologos pointed this out by doing a powerful live performance to a collage of his own movies.

Before the official closing ceremony of this years Animation Volda, Saturdays program ended with a panel discussion where many of the festivals lecturers participated. The discussion was based around women in animation, which has also been the theme for the whole festival.

The day wrapped with the last party of the festival, and DJs Living in the past did an impressing set with their extraordinary style of music.