Second day of Animation Volda 2017

Friday we were so lucky to have a lot of experienced and great people to have lectures for us here in Volda. The Oslo-based producer, director and animator Linda Fagerli Sæthren started the program. Sæthren graduated from Volda University College and has been very successful after that, for example like winning the the Amanda Award with her bachelor-film “Janus”. We really appreciated her coming back to Volda. Then we wished Celia Kaspar welcome to Volda, the german designer and illustrator has really made some wonderful characters, great to have her here.

Later on the animator Yaprak Morali took place at the stage, she has worked all around the globe, and has a lot experience, lucky us to have you here. The entusiastic co-founder and co-director of The Animation Centrifuge, Fraser MacLean had the last lecture. He has done a lot of great work, working and bringing young students up to the industry’s top professionals. Thank you so much everyone for making this day perfect. At night we had the best ending, with DJ Maggie playing for us.