The Gallery

NAC/Galleriet Norwegian Animation Center (NAC) is an institution for animation that works to increase the use of, knowledge and understanding of animation as a medium of entertainment and artistic expression.

It was opened in September 2012, in conjunction with the AnimationVolda festival.

Andres Mand, Gunnar Strøm and Dave King, from the animation program at VUC, established the Norwegian Animation Centre.

Ivan Dujmusic has worked as general manager and curator of the center since 2013. In the gallery of Norwegian Animation Center a special exhibition of animation art by distinguished animators from around the world that have been teachers or have other relationships with Volda over the years.

The film from many of the artworks will be shown as well. A new attraction in the gallery is a laser-disc player and an impressive collection of animation films that visitors can choose from and watch.


Exhibition opening: Thursday 1t 16.00 Opening hours Friday – Sunday : 12.00 – 18.00

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